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July 20, 2015

in Our Life

If you’ve ever wandered the back streets of any Italian village you’re sure to have noticed the quite a few cats sitting on the ancient walls and wandering the alleyways, many of them strays, and that’s not any different in our little village.

Saturday week ago, our younger son came home after his giro (a walk around town with friends) telling us he’d found two really cute little kittens on the stone steps in the back lane behind our house.  He said there was a little black one and a larger grey and white one and that they were on their own and they tried to follow him home.  So very quickly we explained to him that they were probably stray cats and their mum was more than likely just off looking for some food and to not go back to them as like most of the stray cats they may be carry fleas and or other diseases.

Later that afternoon he asked if he could just go and check that the mum had come back, we said yes as long as he made sure not to touch them.  He came back a little upset saying that the bigger grey and white one wasn’t anywhere to be found and the little black one was still sitting in the same place it had been, just on it’s own and shivering.  Again we tried to tell him not to worry and that we were sure that no one would just leave the cats there and that the mum wouldn’t be far away.

After dinner we were sitting around watching telly and again he comes up looking really sad, saying that he can’t stop thinking about the little black kitten and that he’s really worried about it, once more we tell him not to worry and that it’s not a cold night and that it’s probably off cuddling with it’s mum by now.  He went off to bed, still a little worried but hopeful that the kittens would be ok.

Of course talking about these kittens then started me worrying, so I snuck outside just to try to find them and check they were ok.  The larger grey and white kitten was no where to be seen, but the little black one was still sitting on the same step, meowing weakly and shivering.  A closer inspection with my phone torch revealed it was really tiny, had badly infected eyes, could barely see and was shivering in fright.

My first thought was to just give it some where more comfortable to sleep and leave some type of food out for it, but when I picked it up to put it in the box, you could feel that it was just all skin and bone, probably hadn’t eaten for days, and most likely wouldn’t make it through the night.

So very quietly I sneaked back into the house, took the little kitten to the bathroom and gave it a good wash to get rid of any dirt and most of the fleas and bathed its little eyes so it could see.  It was too weak to put up much of a fight   Then after drying it off I went up and showed Dane, he was so happy, he kept saying thank you mum, I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried about the kittens.  I explained the other kitten must have either gone off with its mum or someone else had picked it up.

Not being a cat family we didn’t have any cat food for it so the only thing I could think to do was prepare some warm milk and bread to give it something in it’s belly and get it through the night.  It very weakly ate a little and then I decided to get an eyedropper and force feed it to make sure it didn’t dehydrate.  I managed to get a fair amount of food into it and then settled it into it’s box in our bathroom for the night.  During the night our older son could hear it meowing so he was up and down during the night giving it more milk via the eyedropper.

Next morning it was still alive, but it’s eyes were covered in puss again and it was still quite weak.  We gave it another clean up and headed off to the vet.  The vet weighed it, only 350 grams, and then gave it an antibiotic injection and put cream in it’s eyes.  He said it was a boy and that it was very malnourished and had worms and fleas and maybe the cat flu.  He gave us a script for more eye cream and said we’d have to come back everyday for the next 5  days to get antibiotic injections and then he’d put him on a course of tablets for 10 days to get rid of any worms and the fleas.

This means we’re the foster family to a little abandoned kitten for at least the next few weeks.  As our older son is Asthmatic and one of his main allergies is cat hair we won’t be able to keep the kitten and the vet assures us that once he’s recovered and a bit bigger we should have no problems finding a new home for him.

Fast forward to this last Saturday and “Skinny” as the boys have named him, is now a much healthier 600grms, much happier and settled into it’s new environment.  He eats at least 4 times a day and Jaella (our little dog) has become his adopted mother, constantly following it around and licking it clean!

So hence the video on Facebook yesterday, with the tiny black kitten playing on my keyboard whilst I work :)

Below are some pics of Jaella and “Skinny” being introduced and we’ll do an update post soon, in the meantime if you know of anyone looking for a new, cute, little black kitten please get in touch!





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