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June 24, 2014

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Sunday night was one of our Proud Parents moments :)  but it was also one that made me feel very special and privileged to be an Aussie living and working in our wonderful little town of Soriano nel Cimino.

As many of you know our two boys, Hamish and Dane, dance and have done for many years.  One of our main considerations when we decided to relocate to Italy was made a little harder because of this and also because both boys had already experienced the opportunities open to them in the Dance, Musical Theatre and Advertising industries in Melbourne, I’ll be writing about our boys dance & acting careers in other posts soon……

So when we arrived in Italy, one of our first tasks was to find a dance school that could not only continue to provide them with the technical dance tuition they had already been receiving in Melbourne, but could also provide us with an understanding of how the dance industry operated in Italy and learn more about the history and types of dance supported and taught here (that’s another post on the fun of learning how this industry works over here that is in the “posts waiting to be written” pile!)

Given we live in a small village, only about 9,000 people, we also had to accept that our new Italian dance school would be nothing like our performing arts school in inner city Melbourne.  Dance to many of the local students here is simply a fun way to get some exercise and enjoy developing their skills to express themselves using dance.

We were lucky to find that Soriano actually had its own local dance school.  The owner of this little Dance School and the Principal Dance Teacher Gioia Tarulli, has not only been able to provide our boys with the technical training they’ve needed but also strives to share and instil in her students her own love and passion for music and dance.  Gioia and her team of dance teachers do an exceptional job of teaching dance and making sure the techniques of the various genre are understood.  They also work hard on the overall performance and choreography making it both entertaining and not too complicated for the dance skill level of the students enabling them to be able to perform the routines and still be able to have fun and enjoy the performance.

Danza Spettacolo Poster Jun14So back to our Spectacular Spettacolo!!

Every year, Gioia and her talented team of dance teachers and dance school volunteers work tirelessly to pull together the final performance of the year to be able to showcase the children’s talent and share with their students families and friends their achievements and developments in dance over the year.

Gioia spends most of the year, creating, planning, producing, doing all the choreography and pulling the whole Spettacolo together.  She plans every last detail and works with her team to put on very entertaining, professional performances.

Last year the school presented the story of Peter Pan and the year before that Alice in Wonderland (yes, 2 more posts still to be written :p ).  Using stories as the theme of the Spettacolo enables the dancers to perform the various scenes from the stories and makes for a wonderfully free flowing and entertaining performance.

This years performance was a little different…..

The theme was Movie Soundtracks and the performance saw the students do various dances to many popular scenes from various movies, including Mary Poppins, Up, Singing in the Rain, Forrest Gump, Grease, Billy Elliott, Star Wars and others.

For the audience of the dancers families, friends and locals it really was a SPECTACULAR SPETTACOLO!

Gioia directed the entire performance which lasted about 2 hours and was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.  The children were fantastic and you could see they all had an enjoyable time.  The costumes, sets, lighting and music were very professionally presented and the entire performance was a pleasure to watch.  The weather was wonderful, the audience filled the piazza which is great considering the small size of our town (you can see a short video of the crowd on my YouTube channel) and family and friends of the dancers all appeared to really enjoy the Spettacolo!

We were also very privileged to see Gioia perform, she is a beautiful dancer and expresses her emotions and abilities in a very magical way, brava Gioia!

This now leads me to why I’m feeling very special and privileged, and that is because our very own talented and extremely graceful and skilled dance teacher/school owner, Gioia Tarulli is going to Australia!!

And she’s chosen to work with me to put together a program for her to travel to Australia and experience first hand the dance and musical theatre industries in Melbourne and Sydney :)

Gioia has been studying English for a few years and with this trip she hopes to be able to fully immerse herself in the English language and to also meet and network with other dancers and dance teachers in Australia to experience first hand the Australian dance and musical theatre industries.

Thank you Gioia, for not only putting on one of the a very spectacular end of year spettacolo, and giving me the joy of seeing our two boys perform together, but for also allowing me the honour of working with you and your amazing talent which I hope to be able to share with a small section of the dance and musical theatre industries in Australia over the coming months.

Grazie mille Bella!

Here’s just a few of the scenes from the performance, featuring our boys of course, for you to enjoy!!

Singing in the Rain


Billy Elliot

James Bond

The Piano





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