Michele Zarrillo??

May 12, 2013

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Yes, that’s what I thought when I first heard the name Michele Zarrillo, who is he?  Well after spending last night attending the FREE, yes FREE, concert in our home town of Soriano nel Cimino, I now know who Michele Zarrillo is!

He is an extremely talented Italian, singer, songwriter and musician.  Now that we’re based in centre of Soriano, we often wander down to the piazza to see what’s going on.

This weekend in Soriano it’s the Saint Eutizio Festival, Saint Eutizio is the patron Saint of Soriano, and there has been FREE entertainment and celebrations in the main piazza for the past couple of nights.

You might ask why I keep typing FREE in capital letters, well that’s because I can not believe you get such fabulous concerts and entertainment here in Italy for FREE!  Not something you would ever find in Australia, most if not all of the concerts in Australia now you have to pay for, or if they are free there are normally so many people attending them that you either can’t get a seat or unless you get there early you have to sit way back from the stage barely able to see who’s performing.

So back to Michele Zarrillo, after doing a quick Google search before we went to the concert, I found out he’s been in the music business since the early 70’s, so a good old rocker!  He’s entered the Sanremo Music Festival on numerous occassions with songs he’s written and actually won it in 1987 with La notte dei pensieri  He’s also written many songs for other famous Italian singers like  Ornella Vanoni and Renato Zero, don’t worry I don’t know who these are either….

So armed with this new knowledge we headed down to the Piazza last night expecting to have an entertaining evening.  We were certainly entertained, the crowd was much bigger than we had expected and the concert was spectacular!  The piazza was packed and Michele gave a fantastic performance.  His songs were very different from the “typical” Italian songs we’ve been exposed to here so far, and his musical talent was a joy to watch.  He played the piano and guitar on a number of songs and he’s got a great voice and presence on stage.

This combined with the enthusiastic crowd, from all age groups, made for a thoroughly enjoyable night.  I’ve only ever seen our little piazza this crowded during Sagra and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the locals so vocal and having such a good time, except maybe when Italy are winning in the World Cup!

You’ll definitely be hearing more about Michele Zarrillo on our site and I’m going to start listening to more of his music to help me learn more Italian.  If you’d like to join me you can visit my Learning Italian page.

Here’s a little snippet of his performance!  I hope you enjoy it, if so please let me know by commenting below or let me know if you’d heard about him before.

Grazie alla prossima!

Peta  :)


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Maleena Eve August 4, 2013 at 11:43 am

I am looking forward to reading your blog. I am from brisbane and spent 3 months in Florence in 2010 with my ex and 2 boys. I tried to get them into school while we were there but we did too much traveling out of Florence so it made it too hard. I loved every bit about spending the time in Florence my 2 years of italian lessons didn’t really help . I found it different in Florence though they tend to want to stick to italian but we soon learned the necessary things like how co-op supermarkets worked and how to ask for plastici (bags) . Buying train tickets and making sure I validated them became a habit (a mistake I didn’t want to repeat).
Anyway as I said I’m looking forward to reading about your life in Italy . Enjoy your wonderfully warm summer :)


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