Inauguration of Tenuta Sant’ Egidio – Environmental Park Soriano nel Cimino

September 27, 2014

in Monte Cimino, Soriano nel Cimino

Today started with a glorious sunrise and after the past few days thinking winter had already arrived today has been a truly glorious autumn day!

We headed down to Centro on our normal Saturday morning route, dropping Hamish at the train station for his trip to school, then up to park the car and wander down to the office for Dane to do his homework and me to do a few hours of work.  Whilst driving through Centro we were stopped by one of our friendly locals and told about an event happening today, the inauguration of Sant’ Egidio Environmental Park on at 11 o’clock this morning.

Unfortunately like most of the events around Soriano there was very little advertising so I had no idea this event was on today, but I was assured it was going to be a big event, so later that morning we decided we’d go along.

Our walk from the car park to the office saw us stop to do one of our regular Morning Minutes whilst listening to the church bells and being grateful for another beautiful day here in Soriano.

Dane then headed off for his 2 hour tutoring session whilst I did a couple of hours work and then prepared for my English lessons with some of the local children (love teaching English to kids, so much fun!!).

At 11:30 Dane & I headed up out of town to the inauguration.  As mentioned before we didn’t know much about this new park or the event so were very pleasantly surprised when we arrived to see that it was actually the opening of over 100 hectares of forest on the north-east side of Monte Cimino.

Tenuta Sant' Egidio Sign

Tenuta Sant’Egidio is an environmental park that has been set up to educate the public and bring awareness of the perfection and complexity of the system of nature and to show us how to be able to act in an informed way in the face of the many environmental problems facing the Cimino mountain ranges and many natural parks in Italy.

The main objectives of the project are to:

– exploit the natural, scenic and cultural nature of Tenuta Sant’ Egidio promoting it to the local population and tourists

– teaching and bringing awareness of the need for sensitivity and a respectful attitude towards the environment, and

– to create a valid didactic reference for all types of schools and educational institutions.

We wandered along the newly paved walkways, dotted with Forest Fairy entertainers, for about a kilometre before we reached the educational area where there were a couple of stone built out buildings used as classrooms and educational areas that housed ancient artifacts and there was also a bell tower!  I need to learn more about this and why it’s there but it was a beautiful setting.  There were new wooden benches and picnic tables set up all through this area and they had various stalls set-up for the free picnic lunch that was to be served after the official speeches for the inauguration.  Pizza ovens cooking local delicious pizzas including our delicious Sorianese pizza bianca, wine, water, cold meats, salami, mortadella, cheeses, pastas and an amazing array of desserts.  All for no charge!!  This always amazes me, nothing like this would be free in Australia!

We spent about an hour mingling with the crowd and chatting with some of the locals and organisers and then the local Sorianese band  arrived playing the traditional tunes whilst the Forest Fairies wandered through the guests.

After the band it was time for us to head back to Centro to meet Hamish and head back up to our Villa for lunch.  Would have loved to have known earlier about this event so we could have all come down for the afternoon and enjoyed a free lunch!!

But we have plans to go back for a wander through the Bosco, explore the various walks and enjoy a picnic in the park.

I’ve included some photos of our morning, and hope you can get an idea of how amazing this place is.  Can’t believe we’ve lived in Soriano for five years now and never knew this beautiful part of our village even existed!!

Would love to hear what you think of it and if you’re interested in learning more about it, so please leave a comment below :)







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Gianfranco September 30, 2014 at 8:47 am

I’m honored to read this article!!!!
thank u!!!!
you’re right, we had no much publicity!!! but we are really pleased of inauguration!!!

write me for more information!!!

we expect in our woods!!!



Petal September 30, 2014 at 9:40 am

Ciao Gianfranco e grazie!! We had a fantastic time and will certainly be back. I’m just starting to blog more so I hope to do another post after we’ve been back again. Keep up the great work, Italy needs more promotion of its natural beauties like Monte Cimino :)


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