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Benvenuto! Welcome to Vivendo in Italia! Living in Italy.

I’m an Aussie living my dream life with my family in Italy.  I’m also the Owner and Founder of my business, Australia Consulenza providing Relocation, Business Development and Career Management Services to Italians & Australians wanting to make a country change – www.australiaconsulenza.com

A little over 10 years ago, my husband and I decided that to truly raise our children bilingually (neither of us speak a 2nd language….) we would need to relocate to and totally immerse ourselves in a country whose main language wasn’t English.

Italy was our country and Italian our 2nd language of choice.  So in 2009 we packed up our home in Melbourne, Australia, stored all our belongings in a warehouse and moved to Italy!

Over the coming months I’ll blogging about why we’ve raised our children bilingually, why we chose Italy, what things we considered in making the decisions we’ve made and how we worked through the process of securing the appropriate visas to get s to Italy.

Once all this has been documented I’ll begin blogging about our lives here in Italy over the past 4 years and share our experience on living as Aussies in Italy!

I’d love to hear from anyone else who’s made or is considering a country change with their family and connect to share experience and ideas.

You can find more information about me and my business on my Facebook business page – petalouiselowry or my Twitter account – AussieinItaly.

This site not only shares my journey and experiences (good, bad & ugly), it also has pages about some of the many projects I’m involved in here in Italy and sections that show that living your dream is possible as long as you believe it and plan for it you will achieve it!

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